Control your Nest Thermostat Away Setting Based on Location


Why Use My Geolocation?

The Nest Learning Thermostat is an outstanding smart home automation device that learns your schedule over time and adjusts accordingly, keeping your household comfortable and saving on energy costs when possible. Unfortunately, many of us have an ever shifting schedule which makes "learning" it near impossible.

We have unpredictable schedules ourselves, so we looked for a better way of managing our thermostats. When we came up with the solution, it turned out to be a simple but elegant one: We want our Nest to be automatically set to Away when our home becomes empty and returned to Home when anyone arrives home, without having to manually change the setting each time. Our phones can determine whether we're leaving or arriving home based on geolocation,  so why not use them? Thus, Skylark was born.


I'm Intrigued, How do I get Started?

Skylark can be installed and configured within minutes. After that, Skylark works in the background. You should only need to open it to adjust settings.

The first step is to install Skylark from the Apple App Store. Search for "Skylark" or click here and install Skylark.

Upon opening the Skylark app, you will be asked for your Nest username and password. This is the same username and password you use to access your settings on 

Privacy note: Your account information is one-way encrypted on our servers meaning that we can only access it when you contact us directly. We'd rather not hold on to your sensitive data, and we're guessing you'd prefer it that way too!

Next, you'll be asked to select the location of your home on a map. You can set the distance that you have to leave your house before the Nest is set to away as well as the distance that you have to get within before your Nest is set to home. This is handy if you're on your way home and it takes some time for your house to heat or cool itself.

Another note on privacy: The location of your home is exclusively stored on your phone, so we will never see it.

Once you've picked your home location, your done! 


Wait, That's It?

Skylark supports multiple phones per household, so simply repeat the same steps on each phone. Skylark will notice that you're using the same Nest credentials and automatically link your devices.

We've packed other great features into Skylark that may come in handy, but we'll let you find those on your own. After all, we've gotta keep some element of mystery!

We hope that you enjoy using Skylark to automate your Nest Learning Thermostat as much as we do! We're always looking to better ourselves, so if you have a suggestion, visit our feedback portal or drop us a line