New Features in Skylark 3.0.0!


We released Skylark 3.0 this month and wanted to take a moment to share all of the great new features included in this release. This is our biggest update yet with unique features most requested by our awesome customers, including Guest Mode, Swipe-to-Undo, and WiFi Home Lock!




Skylark works great when your entire household has it running on their devices, but what about those times when you have a visitor such as a baby sitter, out-of-town friend, or mother-in-law hanging around?  Guest Mode allows you to prevent Skylark from updating your Nest thermostat until a time and date you define.  This will keep your house warm (or cool) even though the permanent residents are out and about.





Until iPhones are able to read our minds (that can't be too far away), Skylark is forced to make a couple of assumptions about your home or away-ness based upon regions.  For the most part, this works just great... until it doesn't.  A short walk around the neighborhood, a stop at a local market on the way home, or realizing your friend is still hanging out on your couch while you stepped out, all could result in your Nest being set to Home or Away inappropriately.  With Swipe-to-Undo, you simply left-swipe the Skylark home/away notification from your Lock Screen and tap 'Undo', and viola, you are back to your previous setting.  You don't even have to unlock your phone!





Region-based monitoring isn't perfect and sometimes, in certain geographies, the phone will tell Skylark that you left home when you haven't even moved (arrrgg!!).  For those customers that have this problem, WiFi Home Lock lets you easily select your home WiFi network so that whenever you are connected to it, Skylark will never set you to away.





We gave the Skylark home screen a little facelift with a new Menu button with easy access to Settings, Guest Mode, and Feedback & Support.  We've also improved the way Skylark let's you know if there is a problem with sending an update to our server right from the home screen.  And for those missing the "Edit" button in the Registered Devices screen, we went ahead and added that :)




Lots of little bug fixes and optimizations, including the way notifications are presented and handled. 

Keep the feedback coming: we're listening!  If you have any problems with Skylark whatsoever let us know, we are here to help!