Skylark Now With Honeywell WiFi Support


Over the past two months, we've conducted an extensive beta testing program to work out all of the bugs and make sure that Skylark supports Honeywell thermostats in the way that makes the most sense. Thanks to our excellent beta testers, we're proud to announce that as of today, we now support Honeywell WiFi thermostats.

We've found that almost every Honeywell WiFi thermostat under the sun works with Skylark. The one exception is the Honeywell Lyric, which already has an app with some geofencing capabilities. If you are unsure whether your thermostat is supported, download Skylark and take advantage of the two week free trial.

Since Honeywell doesn't have a "Home" and "Away" function, Skylark allows you to specify a minimum and maximum temperature for while you are away. Skylark will put your Honeywell thermostat in permanent hold mode, making sure your home stays within the temperature range you specified. Upon returning home, permanent hold will be ended and your thermostat will follow its usual programmed schedule.







If you've got an Apple Watch you'll be pleased to know that you can use it to interact with Skylark!




We've been meaning to refine the Undo feature in Skylark. Starting with version 3.1.0, if you undo while leaving your inner radius, you will not be asked again if you'd like to undo when leaving your outer radius. Undoing is also more straightforward for multi-user homes. If you use undo, it will not affect how other devices perceive your current home/away status.




We've patched various bugs to keep Skylark working reliably on all iOS devices. 


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