Honeywell Wi-Fi Thermostat Beta Program


UPDATE (5/11/2015): Our beta program has begun and is no longer accepting new members. We hope to have honeywell functionality released to the public this month. Please stay tuned for further announcements!

When we started Skylark over a year ago, our goal was to add the sorely missed support for setting your Nest learning thermostat to home or away based on your location. With the help of our community, we've accomplished this in a reliable, automated manner.




The more we personally used Skylark with our Nest thermostats, the more we realized that Skylark eliminates the need of the Nest learning technologies. For instance, we don't need Nest to learn our schedule (if that's even possible to do with our anti-schedules) when Skylark can definitively inform it when we are actually home or away. We don't need auto-away either. In fact, the limitations of auto-away may have been the reason we realized we needed Skylark in the first place.

For the household that wishes to purchase a location-aware (geofence supported) thermostat, it seems peculiar to buy a Nest when most of the unique features of the Nest will go unused once Skylark is enabled, right? 

With this in mind, we are expanding Skylark to work with lower-cost Wi-Fi enabled thermostats, like this Honeywell Wi-Fi 7 Day Programmable Thermostat. We've conducted internal testing for the last month and have found that combining the Honeywell thermostat with Skylark is an outstanding lower-cost solution.




Starting today, we're opening our closed group Honeywell beta program. We're eager to get interested households on board to test the product at a larger scale before releasing to the public.

Are you interested? We have a few requirements:

  1. You have a Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostat other than the Lyric.

Actually, that's it! If you're interested in participating, please contact us and let us know that you'd like to be a part of our Honeywell beta program. 

We expect to have Honeywell integration publicly available by April or May 2015, so stay tuned!