Seeking a full-stack mobile developer for Skylark

The At-a-Glance Summary

I’m looking for a full-stack mobile developer to help grow Skylark. If you’ve...

… been seeking to gain experience with an Internet of Things (IoT) product, and expand your working knowledge of consumer hardware APIs…

… developed and shipped at least one iOS or Android mobile app before (and enjoyed the experience, through the inevitable ups & downs)...

… been hungry to learn about the business of software from someone with a track record of building, scaling & monetizing products that users love ...

… I’d love to talk to you! Interested? Hit the jump to learn more about this opportunity.


Still here? Read on…

Hey, thanks for sticking around. OK, something in the summary above must’ve caught your eye, so here’s the full story:

Skylark is one of the most popular geofencing iOS apps on the planet, and is used by thousands of people around the world to automate their homes. At the same time, over the past couple of years, the IoT landscape has changed rapidly - meaning it’s time to give our little bird a boost (maybe even a jetpack ;).

Yep, that's me

Yep, that's me

About Me

I’m Jason - a software entrepreneur, product manager, owner of Skylark, and curious problem-solver. I love working with people who love their work, and I’ve worked on, monetized and sold eight software products in the past - including the Hello Bar (acquired by Neil Patel & Hiten Shah), and Filament which was recently acquired by the awesome folks at ShareThis.

One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned over my time spent building software products is that trying to do everything yourself is a reliable recipe for moving sloooowly - and although I’ve been a developer in the past, I’ve grudgingly accepted it’s just not my forte (maybe someday…). I’ve also learned that meeting great new people is one of the best things you can possibly do as a business owner, so to that end, I’m putting out the call for a kick-ass full-stack mobile developer to help evolve Skylark’s featureset and capabilities.

Description: Full-Stack Mobile Developer (iOS/Android)

As a developer for Skylark, you’ll work directly with me on discrete projects that’ll expand the app’s capabilities and integrate with new smart home devices, as well as keep the backend systems humming along from time-to time.

In order for us to work together successfully, you’ll need to be excellent at:

  • Written communication - You’ll be working with me remotely, so the ability to communicate clearly and proactively is immensely helpful. Bonus points if you make me laugh while doing it!

  • Persistence & growth - We both know that software development is almost never a walk in the park. To that end, I don’t expect you to know how to do everything, nor estimate projects with clairvoyant accuracy - but you should show a bias toward taking initiative and independent problem-solving.

  • Self-management - In my ideal arrangement, we’d talk about the desired outcome of the project and brainstorm some approaches, but from there you’ll have the freedom to architect and build the actual solution(s).

  • Building lasting solutions - Skylark is primed to grow its userbase, so the features and updates you create should account for this. While hacky band-aid solutions definitely have their uses, I want to do this the right way, first time, even if it costs a little extra.


You must be comfortable working with…

  • Ruby/Ruby on Rails

  • Objective-C and/or Java (depending on whether you’re of the iOS or Android inclination)

  • Integrating with/utilizing APIs

  • Bonus points if you’re familiar with Amazon AWS EC2


This refers both to mine and yours - no-one likes nasty surprises, so it helps to neutralize some of them upfront:

This isn’t a full-time gig - We’d start working together on a project-by-project basis, but if things are clicking between us, I’ll naturally pull you in on additional work as Skylark grows.

I will teach you anything I know - If you’ve always had a dream of building your own SaaS business, I’ll teach you how to do it, using Skylark as a working example. I’ve monetized and scaled several SaaS businesses, and made a ton of mistakes along the way, that I’d be keen to help you avoid. This is almost exactly how I got my own start in software, so there's a certain poetry to turning around and offering the same experience to others.

You probably won’t retire off of this - While it’s just not feasible to offer a Silicon Valley-level salary, I will ensure that you’re fairly compensated, with the potential for more, commensurate with Skylark’s success.

I really want to trust you - It’s just the best way to work, I’ve found - which means while I won’t be micromanaging you, I do expect you to keep me in the loop, (using those awesome proactive communication skills of yours) ;)


How to Apply

Ok, made it through all that, and still curious to learn more? Send me a quick application (it'll take 2 minutes, tops), and let’s set up a time to chat!

Not really your thing, but think you might know someone who fits this description? Win a couple karma points and pass it on, would you?

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