Q: Do I need to purchase a copy for each phone in my household?

A Skylark license covers functionality for an unlimited number of devices at a single location, and is a one-time purchase. For instance, if you have four family members and two thermostats associated with the same home, only one license is needed.


Q: Why do I need Skylark? Doesn't the Nest Auto-Away feature set Nest to "away" automatically once it detects I've left my home?

A: The Nest Auto-Away feature sets your Nest to "away" automatically if it hasn't detected any motion activity for some time. The sensitivity is automatically adjusted based on how much activity the Nest is used to seeing, and how many times it's set itself to "away" just to be told that you are in fact home.

There are a number of limitations of this feature, namely:

  1. It must be in a central location of your home that regularly sees activity.
  2. It can't differentiate between you and your pets.
  3. It can take a long duration of time before activating.

We found that it wasn't an effective means of turning on and off our furnace. That's why we built Skylark.


Q: How does Skylark know when to change my thermostat?

A: Skylark uses location services on your mobile phone to determine when you are leaving or returning home. If you leave your home area, Skylark will set your thermostat to the designated away mode. Likewise, if you return, Skylark sets your thermostat to the designated home mode.


Q: I live with my family / friend / boyfriend / girlfriend / housemate. Can we all run Skylark on our phones?

A: Yes. Skylark will adjust its behavior to account for other Skylark users in your home. If you leave and someone is still home, your thermostat will not be set to away.


Q: Does Skylark need to be running in the background to work?

A: Yes, but as long as you have iOS 7.1 or newer, Skylark will operate unless you sign out of it or disable location services. You don't need to worry about restarting the app if you turned your phone off at some point.


Q: Do you track my location? Do you store my Nest.com username and password?

A: Your location and thermostat credentials are not saved on our servers. For multi-device support, we one-way encrypt the home/away status of each device so that we can only use it when your devices contact us.


Q: Does Skylark affect my battery life?

A: Skylark uses an iOS feature called "geofencing" for keeping track of whether you are home or not and uses a minimal, unnoticeable amount of power to do so.


Q: Does Skylark work for UK and other non-US customers?

A: Yes!

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