Your thermostat is smart. Shouldn't it know if you're home or away?


Our lives are variable and don't always follow a schedule. Auto-Away features are unreliable. And we're human, meaning we forget set our thermostat when we leave home.

Skylark for Nest and Honeywell Smart Thermostats adds the feature that your thermostat has been missing. Let Skylark update the thermostats at your home and never think about it again.


No Schedule needed

Remote worker? Student? Stay-at-home parent? Forget remembering to adjust your thermostat when you break your schedule.


Multi-user support

Skylark considers the location of the other Skylark users in your home before changing your thermostat. 

pays for itself

Leaving the furnace or AC on or waiting for auto-away to activate even once or twice can be costly. Skylark quickly pays for itself by eliminating waste.

What our users are saying

This is the way every Nest should’ve come right out of the box and it’s the only thing that’s truly making this an energy saving device.
— Andrew Haight
Until I found this app, I thought I had a glorified programmable thermostat. Now it’s totally worth it. Nest needs to buy this company and integrate immediately.
— bpeacock
First off, your support is amazing and really appreciated. Second, your product is by far in my top ten most useful applications that I have. You save me money on daily basis. I’m truly thankful to you and your company.
— Tom

Works with...

Nest Learning Thermostat

With Skylark, your Nest thermostat automatically toggles between Home/Away modes as you come and go - so you'll never need to remember it yourself. 

Get the Nest Learning thermostat



Honeywell wifi-enabled THERMOSTATs

Connect Skylark to your wifi-enabled Honeywell thermostat to automatically activate your Hold temperature range as you approach your home. It'll feel just right when you come home. 

Get a Honeywell wifi-enabled thermostat

Plus Philips Hue lightbulbs & more smart home devices with

Skylark integrates with the IFTTT realtime API. Automatically adjust your lights, create Slack notifications, and automate your smart home based on your location, with Skylark.